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Take 10 Years Off Your Face in One Easy Step

It is true what they say on TV- you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a high-quality, effective wrinkle cream. At the same time, not all wrinkle creams are created equal and it can be difficult deciphering which creams are worth your money and which will be a waste of time.

Oxytokin is a hot product on the wrinkle cream market. The description claims that is has the ability to “eliminate crow’s feet, wrinkles, bags, circles, or puffiness.” With an impressive list of natural ingredients found on the label, it is very possible that these claims are true!

We’ll take a closer look at the science behind Oxytokin and decide whether it has rightfully earned its spot as one of the top wrinkle creams available.

How does the product work?


Oxytokin.com’s Official Web Page (Nov, 2015)

Oxytokin contains powerful peptides, the building blocks of collagen. The breakdown and weakening of collagen is one of the main reasons signs of aging appear on skin in the form of wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. By strengthening collagen around the most susceptible areas of the face, the following should occur:

  • The epidermis (top layer of the skin) will become smooth and firm as collagen fibers reconnect and bond together
  • The dermis (under the top layer of skin) will deepen and strengthen, making it better able to support the epidermis to prevent sagging
  • Blood flow to the skin will increase, reducing paleness and age spots
  • Gaps in the intracellular matrix will be filled in, giving skin a smooth, succulent appearance

The Science Behind Oxytokin’s Formula

Oxytokin contains several advanced peptides and natural compounds that work together to build collagen and reinvigorate the skin. Here’s a closer look at some of the key ingredients and the research supporting them:

Argireline NP – Argireline works by changing neurochemical signals between nerves and muscles, smoothing out underlying skin muscles. A clinical trail of 60 subjects who applied argireline twice daily for 4 weeks revealed that wrinkle creams containing argireline reduced wrinkles by 48.9% compared to those using a placebo.[1]

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide – The structure of palmitoyl pentapeptide (PPP) is similar to that of collagen and thus stimulates the synthesis of collagen when applied topically. In a clinical trial of 93 subjects in which half applied a placebo cream and half applied a PPP cream daily for 12 weeks found that creams containing PPP significantly reduced facial fine lines and wrinkles.[2]

Oligopeptide – Oligopeptides work to reduce wrinkles by improving the moisture-holding capacity of the skin. In a random, double-blind controlled study, those using a moisture cream with oligopeptide had a significant boost in fibroblast proliferation (increasing skin firmness) and moisture retained by the skin.[3]

Decapeptide – There are several kinds of decapeptides, so named for a chemical formula containing 10 amino acids. In one trial examining the effects of decapeptides, it was found that they can eliminate wrinkle-producing free radicals, firm the dermis, and increase cell turnover (to keep your skin fresh and healthy).[4]

Glycerin – Glycerin works by filling in empty holes in the intracellular matrix, keeping the skin moist and hydrated. A ten day treatment of aged skin with glycerin significantly increased the corneometer value of the skin, indicating a large increase in skin hydration.[5]

Octapeptide – Octapeptides prevent unnecessary contractions of the skin by limiting the signals sent from the facial muscles to the brain. This reduces the formation of fine lines and deep wrinkles. A study of facial products containing ocatpeptides found that topical application of ocatpeptides resulted in a significant reduction of facial wrinkles.[4]

    Oxytokin Pros

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How to Achieve the Best Results with Oxytokin

Before using Oxytokin, you should thoroughly cleanse your face with a gentle facial scrub. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Start by applying a small amount of Oxytokin to the skin, working it into the pores with circular motions. It works when applied at either morning or night, with or without makeup.

A single jar of Oxytokin typically lasts for one month when used as directed. Results normally begin to appear after a week of consistent use. Oxytokin is safe to combine with other skin care products and wrinkle creams. Oxytokin is 100% safe when used as directed. Do not ingest and avoid rubbing into the eyes.


With a list of natural, powerful ingredients backed by years of clinical research, along with a small price tag, Oxytokin truly has earned it’s spot as one of the best wrinkle cream products on the market. Oxytokin may be the solution to your aging skin if you want to forgo handing over your wallet to botox consultants. All you need is the natural ingredients that can restore your skin back to its healthy state. Luckily for you, all of the ingredients you need are found in the scientifically designed formula of Oxytokin. Rejuvenate your skin and look years younger right from home with the simple, daily application of Oxytokin.

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