Oxytoxin Type II

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  • Targets Dark Circles & Wrinkles
  • Restores Skin By Eyes
  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Replenish & Nourish Your Skin

Finally Restore Your Skin to A Younger, More Vibrant State

Oxytokin Type-II is a serum designed to specifically target the dark circles, wrinkles, and bags that can develop around the eyes as we age. It claims on it’s website to “literally take 10-20 years off the look of your eyes” with a formula that is “unmatched in design and effectiveness.” Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

The truth is that every wrinkle product on the market can claim to be the best anti-wrinkle cream ever, but when it comes down to it, the facts lay in the formula. In this article, I will examine the elements contained in Oxytokin Type-II and compile the research stating whether it truly can restore the skin around your eyes to a healthier state.

How Oxytokin Type-II Works


Oxytoxin.com’s Official Web Page (Nov, 2015)

Oxytokin Type-II contains a creamy blend of peptides and vitamins that work together to restore skin to a healthy state. The peptides increase the production of collagen by upregulating collagen synthesis. Collagen is an essential component of healthy skin, but production of collagen tends to decrease as we age, leading to cell breakdown and sagging. With the topical application of peptides, collagen will begin to be produced at normal levels again, bonding the skin together, smoothing fine lines, and firming the muscles supporting the epidermis.

The vitamins in Oxtytokin Type-II work to replenish skin for a healthy glow and radiant appearance. Because vitamins are such an essential component of the many processes involved in skin maintenance, supplying your skin with the topical application of these vitamins nourishes the epidermis with the nutrients it needs to become healthy again.

The Oxytokin Type-II Formula

The advanced formula in Oxytokin Type-II contains three key ingredients that work together to deliver your skin with the nourishment it needs to be young again. Here are the 3 main ingredients in Oxytokin Type-II and the studies supporting their effectiveness:

5% Eyeseryl®- Eyeseryl is a patented peptide designed to fight puffiness, bags, and dark circles around the eyes. The peptide in Eyeseryl works by inhibiting the glycation of collagen. Glycated collagen becomes stiff and cannot work properly to hold skin together. By preventing glycation, skin elasticity and strength can be restored. In a 15 day randomized, double-blind clinical trial, 17 subjects aged 34-54 years were assigned to either use a placebo cream or a cream containing Eyeseryl twice daily. After 15 days, those using Eyeseryl showed a 40% reduction in the size and appearance of under-eye bags compared to the placebo group.[1]

5% Pepha®-Tight- It is well known that free radicals, the reason for oxidative damage, cause accelerated aging and health deterioration. Pepha-Tight contains the antioxidants necessary to neutralize free radicals and prevent the damaging effect they have on the skin. Pepha-Tight also contains peptides that stimulate synthesis of the collagen necessary to keep your skin firm. In clinical trails examining the results of treating skin with 5% Pepha®-Tight, it was found that it is extremely effective at reducing intracellular stress caused by oxidative damage and stimulating the production of fibroblasts necessary for the formation of collagen. In addition, 5% Pepha®-Tight had a tightening effect that was 120% more effective than the placebo.[2]

Vitamin C- Vitamin C is essential to collagen production. Three enzymes involved in collagen synthesis require Vitamin C as a cofactor to add the essential hydroxy group onto amino acids proline and lysine. Without this hydroxylation step, collagen cannot be produced. A 12-week, double-blind clinical trial had ten patients apply a vitamin C complex with 10% ascorbic acid topically to one-half of the face and a placebo cream to the other half of the face. Biopsies and wrinkle analysis were performed after 12 weeks. The vitamin C treated side of the face saw a significant increase in wrinkle reduction, collagen synthesis, and moisture-retention compared to the placebo.[3]

    Oxytoxin Type II Pros

  • Tighten And Smooth Your Skin With First Use
  • Ingredients Penetrate Deep Into Your Skin
  • Restore Your Skin To A Healthy, Young State
  • Targets Dark Circles, Wrinkles, And Bags
  • Increase Your Skin’s Production Of Collagen

Achieving Results with Oxytokin Type II

Users should see a visible tightening of the skin after the first application of Oxytokin Type-II. By day 3, users typically start to see a permanent decrease in wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes. After several months, some users have reported experiencing up to a 70% reduction in wrinkles and sagginess around the eyes.

Oxytokin Type-II is safe to combine with other wrinkle-care and skin-care products; it even works synergistically with some to maximize results. It is recommended that you thoroughly cleanse your face before applying Oxytokin Type-II to remove any blockage that may prevent it from penetrating deep into the skin. Apply with fingertips in a gentle, circular motion.


Unlike several other wrinkle creams on the market, the feature ingredients in Oxytokin Type-II are strongly supported by clinical research proving their ability to achieve results. Because of the small price tag and proven results, you are definitely getting a bargain with every bottle of Oxytokin Type-II. This product is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to boost the health of their skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and enhance the natural radiance and tone of the skin around your eyes.

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